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The list of facilities and amenities are one of the most important things that potential home buyers look into. At Metrogate Villas, you can expect an extensive list of amenities that will add value to your investment of a house and lot unit. This development by Moldex Realty Inc. provides the perfect balance of quality life and security with its 24-hour security system. The residential subdivision comes with a security gate that is manned by security personnel day or night. They will be in charge of monitoring the entry and exit of vehicles in this subdivision. This is a safety measure and a security feature that will ensure the peace of mind of its homeowners. 

In addition to a 24-hour security, this is also a pet-friendly subdivision. Hence, all homeowners are welcome to bring their pets at home with them when they move into this subdivision. Aside from taking your pets in for a walk throughout the subdivision, you will be able to do quite a few things with a long list of subdivision amenities.

One example is the clubhouse, which is a staple in many modern residential developments in the city. A clubhouse is a multi-purpose venue that can be used for homeowner’s meetings, social events, and private functions. To complement the clubhouse, the Metrogate Villas subdivision will also feature its exclusive swimming pool, which is open for use by residents only. This will give you the perfect spot to unwind during weekends without the need to go to a nearby resort. You can relax within the subdivision walls and you won’t have to worry about extra cost.

If you prefer to keep yourself busy some other ways, such as staying active to keep your body fit, you can also utilize the jogging paths available throughout the entire subdivision. The jogging paths are available for you to use when you want to sweat it off. Thus, you can feel secure as you jog that there is a designated lane for you and be protected from the vehicles that pass by the main road. 

If jogging is not your thing, you might be interested in other sporting activities. At Metrogate Villas, you will be able to play your favorite sports such as basketball or volleyball. There are full-sized courts available for you to use to engage in your favorite sports activities. Hence, you will be able to pursue your passion and get some workout in the process, too. As a bonus, there is also a tennis court available in the subdivision. 

Even though Metrogate Villas is located in the heart of Quezon City, the developers made sure to incorporate plenty of lush green landscapes throughout the subdivision. This is to promote healthy and green living. Thus, you will have the luxury to wake up to fresh air and the sight of beautifully landscaped areas. With so many landscaped and green areas in the subdivision, it would be hard to imagine that you are located within Quezon City. This is a luxury that the future residents of Metrogate Villas will be able to enjoy.

  • Perimeter Fence
  • Two Gates with Guardhouses
  • Multi-Purpose Hall
  • Swimming Pool
  • 3 Comfortably Sized Bedrooms
  • 3 Bathrooms
  • Landscaped Front Yards
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